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Virginia Beach BitcoinThanks for stopping by Coastal Bitcoin. We are located in Virginia Beach, VA and we are excited to show all the local businesses everything about Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies. Bitcoin is money for the internet age, it is the future of how people will deal with finance. It’s a social network that will change the world. We want to help business in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads learn all about Bitcoin.

2014 – The year of Bitcoin

The beginning of 2014 has started with Overstock.com accepting Bitcoin as payment. The biggest online retailer to do so. Patrick Byrne the CEO of Overstock.com tweeted, “After 21 hours on @overstock.com, we’ve had 780 #Bitcoin orders that accounted for $124,000 in sales. Wow!” Source Twitter via Reddit. There are numerous online businesses accepting Bitcoin as payment. This digital currency is being adopted by more businesses everyday, we want to help the local businesses in Tidewater tap into a growing market. Bitcoin is for everybody and it is not going away.

We are excited about Bitcoin in 2014. Our goal is to educate as many people in town about it and get more people to actually buy and sell things with it. Let us know how we can help you figure out Bitcoin or get your business to start accepting Bitcoin.





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