Internet Raises $30,000 In Dogecoins To Send Jamaican Bobsleigh Team To The Winter Olympics

photo credit Shaun Botterill /Allsport

Buzzfeed via Reddit

Over 26million DOGE had been donated at the time of writing – which at the current value of Dogecoin is worth over $33,000. Although due to the potential volatility of Dogecoin’s value – which could have seen the amount raised drop dramatically if the price crashed – the fundraising team (which includes Dogecoin co-creator Jackson Palmer) have cashed out in order to convert “to a more stable currency”

Dogecoin is the newest digital currency to sweep the the internet. It started out as a joke meme and has done nothing but grow into something pretty incredible. Check out for up to date pricing on how much Dogecoin is worth. The dog is cute. Such moon. Such awesome.

Speaking of Dogecoin, here are some doge gifs I made over christmas. Such moon!

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