How to Create a Bitcoin Online Wallet using

Step 01

Go to and click “Wallet” on the top menu. is a simple, straight forward way to create a bitcoin online wallet.

Step 01 - Create a Bitcoin Online Wallet

Step 02

Click “Start a New Wallet”. Also on this page is a video to help explain bitcoin, watch it when you have the time.

Step 02 - Create a Bitcoin Online Wallet

Step 03

Enter an email address and password. This is where you can start adjusting your own level of security. Use your everyday email address for less security. Use a new gmail address with 2-factor authentication for a bit more security. Create a new password you have never used before, more than 10 digits long with numbers, letters, and special characters. Remember this is money, so keep it safe and do not lose this info. 

Step 03 - Create a Bitcoin Online Wallet

Step 04

Write down the “Wallet Recovery Mnemonic”. Keep it separate from your password. This is incase you lose your password. 

Step 04 - Create a Bitcoin Online Wallet



Step 05

Note your identifier, this is like a username. In the settings menu you can setup an alias, so you do not have to enter the identifier on a new computer or a fresh browser setting. Your browser will save the identifier, if you clear your cache or cookies (manually or auto) you will need to re-enter your identifier or alias.

Step 05 - Create a Bitcoin Online Wallet



Step 6

Congratulations! You now have a bitcoin online wallet. Note the “This is Your Bitcoin Address” along with an associated QR code. This is where you get bitcoin sent to, like at a bitcoin ATM machine. It is long, copy and paste it to an email, send it to yourself and friends. Text it from your email to your phone. Don’t try to verbally read it out to someone. You will make a mistake. Or, scan the QR code. Double check your addresses prior to sending bitcoin. If you send bitcoin to the wrong address, you will not get it back. Check out, cheers!

Step 06 - Create a Bitcoin Online Wallet

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